SPLENDIDA BVLGARI PATCHOULI TENTATION  - the white temptation - perfume, beauty-en -

For 2020, SPLENDIDA BVLGARI continues its journey with the introduction of the dazzling new Eau de Parfum Patchouli Tentation. Seductive and carnal, it’s a deeply addictive new fragrance that embodies a single emotion: that of a sublime temptation.
Following the interpretation of Iris, Rose, Jasmine, Magnolia, and Tuberose,
SPLENDIDA BVLGARI now pays tribute to a new gem of nature with Patchouli, one of the world’s most sensual ingredients — because the only way to move beyond temptation is to yield to it

Turning its expertise as a jeweler to the world of perfumes, Bvlgari applies
the same artistry and craftsmanship to unearth nature’s most precious gems, revealing new facets with each fragrance — and complimenting a woman’s natural beauty with iconic ingredients.
A tropical plant that exudes an earthy, warm, spicy, musky scent, patchouli is one of the great temptations of the natural world. Used as a perfume and an aphrodisiac, patchouli has a long and storied history and was first brought west along ancient trade routes, where its jewel-like luminosity and the heady scent made it as precious as gold. Later, it was used to scent fine silks and shawls, and, more recently, became a symbol of free-spirited rebellion in the 1970s.
Patchouli is the heart of the new SPLENDIDA BVLGARI Chypre Floral fragrance signed by Sophie Labbé. Staying true to its Bvlgari heritage, she has sculpted Patchouli Tentation with the precision of a jeweller, crafting a scent that celebrates one of nature’s finest gems and expresses Chypre in a modern way.

SPLENDIDA BVLGARI PATCHOULI TENTATION  - the white temptation - perfume, beauty-en -

To create the provocative new fragrance, master perfumer Sophie Labbé used a patchouli trio that gives full expression to the complexity of the element. One of the most provocative scents in the perfumer’s palette, patchouli has many distinctive facets. For the new SPLENDIDA BVLGARI Patchouli Tentation, Sophie Labbé chose three complementary elements, created in exclusivity for Bulgari, creating an olfactory narrative of temptation revealed, chiseled in different shades of patchouli.

SPLENDIDA BVLGARI PATCHOULI TENTATION  - the white temptation - perfume, beauty-en -
For the top note, Sophie Labbé selected Patchouli oil Bali Flores, rare patchouli harvested in a very small island, adding special hues from the sea to calm its earthy notes. She refers to it as “blond Patchouli,” due to its velvety elegance. Combined with rich White Peach accord, it’s a delicately fruity bouquet that comes through, luminous and bold, in the opening notes.
For the middle note, an exclusive Patchouli Heart was crafted for BVLGARI: the Patchouli Heart Exclusivity. Precious and pure, it exudes clarity and jewel-like richness. Cleaned up from the terpenic top notes, this Patchouli is refined yet powerful, thanks to the concentration of noble elements from Patchouli oil Bali Flores. With absolute purity, this exclusivity is delicately stroked by Orris Absolute, which gives it a natural elegance.

SPLENDIDA BVLGARI PATCHOULI TENTATION  - the white temptation - perfume, beauty-en -

Finally, Patchouli oil Nilam offers the most authentic, earthy, dark, and camphoric facets with undergrowth accents, making it an utterly intense and enveloping Patchouli.
These three facets layer and blend to form charismatic chiaroscuro patchouli that is at once clear and earthy, velvety and pure — and makes SPLENDIDA BVLGARI Patchouli Tentation a unique and irresistible creation. It’s timeless and dazzling, a luxurious expression of Bvlgari femininity.
The patchouli heart of the new fragrance is exclusive to Bvlgari. The Maison’s exceptional collaboration with Ms. Labbé from IFF allowed her to develop a highly specific and jewel-like heart of patchouli, removing elements that she felt did not express the Bvlgari DNA and choosing fruity facets that echoed the scent’s elegant Chypre structure. It is a contrast in textures that strikes an ardent note of desire with a deeply addictive new scent.

Patchouli Oil Flores Bali, White Peach Accord
Blond – Luminous & Fruity – Elegant
BVLGARI Exclusive Patchouli heart from Bali, Orris Absolute Italy
Golden – Exclusive & Powdery – Tempting
Patchouli Oil Nilam Indonesia, White Musk Accord
Dark – Earthy & Enveloping – Irresistible

SPLENDIDA BVLGARI Patchouli Tentation pays tribute to SPLENDIDA BVLGARI Jasmin Noir by once again crafting the bottle in immaculate white, which is in direct contradiction with the sensual main ingredient and temptation concept.
The bottle itself acts as a provocateur, contrasting the extreme sensuality of Patchouli with the virgin-like purity of the white flacon.
A magnifying sleeve was designed to highlight this new Eau de Parfum for the launch. This sleeve bears an interpretation of an abstract Patchouli gold leaf, which is fully exclusive as it is portrayed by bright golden foil, contrasted both in color and texture against a white background representing the luminous Chypre Floral fragrance.

SPLENDIDA BVLGARI was designed to capture the magnificence of the Maison’s fine jewelry heritage, the fascinating beauty of the women who inspire it, and the fleeting nature of the noblest flowers. The Collection includes SPLENDIDA BVLGARI ROSE ROSE, a tribute to the queen of all flowers; SPLENDIDA BVLGARI JASMIN NOIR, an elegant oriental floral; SPLENDIDA BVLGARI IRIS D’OR, light and solar scent; SPLENDIDA BVLGARI MAGNOLIA SENSUEL, which is generous and feminine; and SPLENDIDA BVLGARI TUBEREUSE MYSTIQUE, which captures the desire inherent in tuberose. Now SPLENDIDA BVLGARI PATCHOULI TENTATION enriches the assortment, adding a new facet to a dazzling collection.