100 years of Beauty in 1 minute- Why this video is incorrect?

100 years of Beauty in 1 minute- Why this video is incorrect? - beauty-szepsegapolas -

There are thousands of videos on how the world’s fashion stlyes have changed over the years, and just like this video the content has no connection with reality. 100 years of beauty in one minute how we think of it would’ve been a better title for this video. So let’s go through the styles step by step and figure out what went wrong.


The most obvious problem with this compilation is the state of the woman’s hair. In this age any self-respecting person would never appear in public with such unkempt hair only if she was the little match-girl. This era was the period of pinned and spiraled hair. The make up is also a subject of disscussion. Lipsticks just started rolling out but in 1910 chaste women hadn’t accepted it just yet. They only became common after the World War I., but they had never worn lip gloss. As you can see on the pictures the model mostly has a long lasting eyliner on, which make us mixed up about the changing of the styles.
Subsequent interpretation in the movie Titanic. Lipstick appears in a matte form for the sake of visual effects. The hair’s intensity can be observed of Brüll Adél’s picture from 1908. According to contemporary reports she had worn very striking make up. And there you can see Mata Hari on a picture from 1910.



beauty1920Another disheveled hair and a wierd make up. We call the twenties the time of boyish girls- “garçonnes”. A short bob or a Marcel wave is the hallmark of the era. The contrasting make up includes strong smoky eyes and red cherry and ruby shades of lip features.
As you can see it on the model, the eyeliner appears again which has nothing to do with the 1920’s. They mostly wore shaded eye pencil on the corner of their eyes. They focused on vigorously painted lashes.
The fashion icons of this period: Louise Brooks, Josephine Baker, Coco Chanel




This make up could’ve been good, but the heart-shaped and mauve lips are still a problem for me. This was the era of glamour when women imitated divas from movies. Garbo, Dietrich, Jean Hearlow are examples. The mouth contour was beautifully made, but not over drawn like a clown’s mask. Women’s hair wasn’t necessarily short, long hair with voluminous curls was trendy as well.
Marlene Dietrich,Greta Garbo and Miss Hungary, Szaplonczay Éva in the 30’s:
Marlene Dietrich és  Greta Garbo a harmincas években, valamint Szaplonczay Éva azaz Miss Hungary 1930:


World War II striked and women cut their hair shorter and shorter for practical reasons. At this time women worked in factories instead of men. If their hair would’ve been long it could’ve gotten stuck in the machines. Actresses often shortened their hair by political pressure to be a good example. Make up was simplified. Basically a stripped down version of the thirties. In this photo what bothers me is the pink lipstick. Red coral shades could’ve made this compilation acceptable especially if they would’ve had any.
You can see pictures of young Lauren Bacall, Susan Catherine, Karády Katalnin and Tolnay Klári (Hungarian actresses)


The time has finally arrived for the eyeliner! It would’ve been better if they would’ve used more of a cat eye look, because this era could’ve been very grateful for fully skilled make up artists. The hair is again disheveled. The Stepford Wives and Bree van de Kamp was the influence for this period. They would surely be dissapointed if they would see this reburial. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn could be example and I attached my favorite Vouge cover, which shows the cat eyed look.


Due to the mixed style of the 60’s this result is acceptable, altough a more exciting version could’ve appeared. Here are some fashion icons like Twiggy, Peggy Moffit and Veruschka. I think my lack of excitement is understandable.


If I guess wright they tried to recreate a Charlie hairstyle. At this point, it is worth to note that not only the characteristics of the ages are a problem, but they’ve also chosen a bad model. This series would’ve been more accurately represented if they would’ve picked a semi-long-haired girl who doesn’t have such thick eyebrows. With practice, they could’ve achieved large-scale changes. Using hair extensions would’ve been a good point.
But let’s return to the 70’s! Flip hairstyle, crepe hair, afro spining and natural straight hair with a frindge was very fashionable back then. The make up was focused on the women’s natural highlight, A natural lip gloss would’ve been handy here, not this strange purplish tint.
For example Mireille Mathieu, Farrah Fawcett and Bo Derek.

I have my own teenage experiences of the 80’s and I only saw this kind of make up and hair in a film called The Party. There was a scene where a girl dressed up as an old lady. The 80’s colorful make up has nothing to do with what we see in the picture above, neither her hair. As you can see we returned to the pink-purple combo again. Lilac lipstick was fashionable but in a more powerful shade. The themes for make up were creative and experimentation was typical, wich not necessearily meant taste failures. It was almost a rule to have wavy, curly or just trimmed boyish hairdos.
Pictures: Madonna, Princess Staphanie of Monaco and Burda International

The 90’s imprinted in the heads of beauty proffesionals as the decade of grunge, thecno style, anti-women and the triumph of brown lipstick. Is that what we see in this picture? The major hair fashion goddess was Jennifer Aniston whose “Rachel” hairdo from the series Friends was copied by millions of women. Streaked highlights were a new thing and classical beauty models were changed to more intresting looking girls. And belive it or not, on the last picture that is Gwen Stefani looking back at us.

The pink lipstick that lasts a 100 years. Still lasting… They didn’t mess up the hair for the last compilation. By the millenium there wasn’t a woman on the globe who hasn’t straighened her hair. Smokey eyes woudl’ve been more tipical than a circle contour. What do you think? I am courious how would you display the fashion of 2000.

Finally let me tell you the reason behind why I wrote this post: I was very annoyed that people handled the content as it was historically fithful and real. It has absolutly nothing to do with the issue that’s being represented. I belive that this video makes people belive that what they see is the actual history of fashion. I am sorry but this a Much Ado About Nothing, and a hunting for a few million of likes…